SRR004 Limina “Hidden Spaces”

SRR004 Limina “Hidden Spaces” The debut album from Limina, the new project from film and game score composer Tyler Durham, comprises six pieces that, taken together, reflect on the ways in which inspiration eases into existence and, through collaboration among muse, body and technology, wrangles its way into being. Combining ideas drawn from ambient electronic music, contemporary classical, […]

From the desk of T…

Welcome to the new and improved Sonic Ritual! We’re excited to announce that we pulled a Voltron and teamed up with music supervisor and trailer music producer legend Maura Duval Griffin and epic orchestral music producer and entrepreneur Nitish Raina to form ETERNAL MUSIC GROUP. Partnering with Maura’s upstart custom music house Engine, Nitish’s Eternal […]

SRR003 Joe Cardamone “QUARENTINA”

SRR003 Joe Cardamone “QUARENTINA” Joe Cardamone (formerly of infamous punks The Icarus Line) returns with his second solo offering: the soundtrack to his film series QUARENTINA. An album born of a necessity for distraction and expression. A global pandemic. A city in lockdown. The end of a relationship. A life chopped up into parts. Out of this chaos […]