SRR002 Ultimate Fakebook “The Preserving Machine”

SRR002 Ultimate Fakebook “The Preserving Machine” Power-punk-emo-pop trio Ultimate Fakebook returns with its first new album in sixteen years. A collection of tightly wound, disarmingly accomplished songs about shared dreams, national disappointment, friendship, devotion, love and Manhattan KS, the band’s exuberant, you-only-live-once spirit explodes in songs including “Afterhours at Melin’s,” “My Music Industry” and “We’re Sharing […]

SRR001 Steven Dayvid McKellar “ETHIO”

SRR001 Steven Dayvid McKellar “ETHIO” Steven Dayvid McKellar, founder, singer and principal songwriter of South African indie rock band Civil Twilight, presents his solo album debut. A thematically connected set of songs driven by warm, precisely arranged synthetic and acoustic tones, “ETHIO” explores reality within a single contemporary American neighborhood. The result is a singular […]