SRR008 Steven Dayvid McKellar “NAMA” Former Civil Twilight frontman, Steven Dayvid McKellar returns with NAMA, the follow up to his 2020 debut solo album ETHIO. Deftly self-produced, the record is a musical psychoanalysis of McKellar’s own id, where the primitive utterances of the subconscious are quite literally coaxed and arranged into fully realized expressions of song. Throughout […]


SRR007 Queen Kwong “Couples Only” Carré Kwong Callaway aka Queen Kwong returns for her third and most fiercely visceral album to date. Produced by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line / Skeleton Joe) and featuring performances by members of The Cure, Swans, and Blood Red Shoes, Couples Only is a truly defiant statement. From the razor sharp midnight […]


SRR006 Gypsum “Gypsum” Los Angeles post rock outfit Gypsum emerge with their eponymous debut seven years in the making. Gypsum is a synergistic exercise in collectivist arrangement, assembled through the knotty intersections between guitars, imploring harmonies and exploratory rhythms. From the icy swirling post punk of “Gull Lake” and the taut building tension of “Snow White” to […]


SRR005 Film School “We Weren’t Here” Anticipation. Separation. Regret. Revelation. These themes repeatedly emerge from beneath waves of psychedelic dream pop on We Weren’t Here, Film School’s sixth full-length release and first for Sonic Ritual. From the moody sonic crush of “Superperfection” and its icy yet ethereal harmonies with guest vocalist Noël Brydebell of Wild Signals (who appears […]

SRR004 Limina “Hidden Spaces”

SRR004 Limina “Hidden Spaces” The debut album from Limina, the new project from film and game score composer Tyler Durham, comprises six pieces that, taken together, reflect on the ways in which inspiration eases into existence and, through collaboration among muse, body and technology, wrangles its way into being. Combining ideas drawn from ambient electronic music, contemporary classical, […]

SRR003 Joe Cardamone “QUARENTINA”

SRR003 Joe Cardamone “QUARENTINA” Joe Cardamone (formerly of infamous punks The Icarus Line) returns with his second solo offering: the soundtrack to his film series QUARENTINA. An album born of a necessity for distraction and expression. A global pandemic. A city in lockdown. The end of a relationship. A life chopped up into parts. Out of this chaos […]

SRR002 Ultimate Fakebook “The Preserving Machine”

SRR002 Ultimate Fakebook “The Preserving Machine” Power-punk-emo-pop trio Ultimate Fakebook returns with its first new album in sixteen years. A collection of tightly wound, disarmingly accomplished songs about shared dreams, national disappointment, friendship, devotion, love and Manhattan KS, the band’s exuberant, you-only-live-once spirit explodes in songs including “Afterhours at Melin’s,” “My Music Industry” and “We’re Sharing […]

SRR001 Steven Dayvid McKellar “ETHIO”

SRR001 Steven Dayvid McKellar “ETHIO” Steven Dayvid McKellar, founder, singer and principal songwriter of South African indie rock band Civil Twilight, presents his solo album debut. A thematically connected set of songs driven by warm, precisely arranged synthetic and acoustic tones, “ETHIO” explores reality within a single contemporary American neighborhood. The result is a singular […]