2nd Gypsum single: “Give It” Out 9/14

On September 14th, Gypsum release their luminous new single/video “Give It” which features mesmerizing hi-hat work and chasmic, stop-and-start waves of Sleater-Kinney-esque guitar interplay. The track is the second to come off their upcoming eponymous debut album. Anna Arboles (guitarist and vocalist) says “Give It” is about self-determination and identity.

“Sapphire brought in the riff for this song with the refrain ‘Why don’t you just give it a chance’ and it moved me, so I went home and wrote the lyrics. ’Give It’ was written as a meditation and subsequent statement that I have the autonomy to decide what I am and how to express it,” Arboles states. “As a queer person, I am constantly asked to answer for my identities and codify it for the comfort of other people’s understanding. There is a tension in the push, pull, and release of that experience, which I feel is manifested by the gravel of the riff that spills into the chord with all the extensions and then repeats. I love to play this song live. It’s quick and dirty.” Jewell emphasizes, “We used to always open our sets with it because it’s sort of like ‘here we are, now pay attention!’

You can check out the single on your preferred digital platform here.

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