From the desk of T…

Welcome to the new and improved Sonic Ritual! We’re excited to announce that we pulled a Voltron and teamed up with music supervisor and trailer music producer legend Maura Duval Griffin and epic orchestral music producer and entrepreneur Nitish Raina to form ETERNAL MUSIC GROUP. Partnering with Maura’s upstart custom music house Engine, Nitish’s Eternal Eclipse imprint, and our new joint production catalog Arkival furthers our abilities and deepens our commitment to creating a rad artist friendly ecosystem for all of our artists, composers and writers.
We have big plans for 2021 and 2022 including the soundtrack to former Icarus Line frontman Joe Cardamone’s new film series “QUARENTINA”, the debut album of up and coming film composer Tyler Durham’s post rock alter ego Limina, the debut full length of my favorite LA band Gypsum, an unearthed 1980 Los Angeles power pop time capsule that’s never been released and so much more… and don’t even forget about our first two releases: Ultimate Fakebook’s first album in sixteen years “The Preserving Machine” and former Civil Twilight frontman Steven Dayvid McKellar’s beautifully fragile and damaged “ETHIO”. 

Get ready, we are not fucking around! 

See you in the new releases bin!

Captain, Sonic Ritual