New Gypsum single: “Lungs” Out 10/5

On October 5th, Gypsum release their latest single “Lungs” – after a Monday premiere exclusive on Under The Radar! Steeped in classic-sounding shoegaze and recalling such pivotal acts such as Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, and Lush, “Lungs” swirls in swaths of shimmering musical layers with the band’s vocals peeking out of the clouds like rays of sunlight.

“My biggest memory about this song is writing it in the middle of summer in this tiny rehearsal space we had that would just bake in the sun all day that would just be an oven when we showed up that evening,” says Gypsum’s guitarist and vocalist Anna Arboles about the creation of “Lungs” on which outer space riffs and – as Arboles calls it – “hairy-scary feedback” cacophonously coalesce over sophisticated snare patterns. We didn’t have AC, so we would soak and then freeze bandanas in the mini fridge to wrap around our necks and then just sweat it out while we worked out this song. Somehow it feels fitting for the song that is about breaking out of your own body to get what you want,” Arboles explains.

Jewell adds, “I love the heaviness of this song with the heavenly harmonies. It’s one of my favorites to play live.” Arboles chimes in saying that the creative process in general felt very “embodied,”: “Recording this song was a fav of mine too. I played my old Silvertone with Goldfoil pickups into an old Big Muff into my Fender Deluxe Reverb. We rarely use distorted sounds, so this was my one chance to get it right. I ended up layering fuzzed out sounds with a super clean layer, and kind of mixed them in and out to taste. Sapphire is a pedal genius and I think did this song in one track and it sounds absolutely huge. Her whole guitar situation in the last chorus blows my mind each listen.” 

You can pre-save out the single on your preferred digital platform here.

SRR006 Gypsum “Gypsum” is out October 12th everywhere rad music streams and on Limited Edition 180g clear vinyl due out in January 2022. Pre-save the album on all digital platforms or pre-order your copy on vinyl from our distributor Fat Beats link here: